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Professor : Scott Singeisen

SCAD Studios 

Lacoste, France

Spring 2015





Architecture is modular.


Architecture in the 21 century is to stay relevant in the vernacular through the mechanical infrastructure. Architecture is therefore to provoke cultural sprawl in the built environment deriving from context with the influence of future mutation in the built form addressing social, economic, and cultural dialogs in the present day. SCAD “Tonicals” serve as artist studios for SCAD Students in Lacoste where the tectonic form share an undulating language that shares primary infrastructure, however, are unique in organizations reflecting emotional interaction within the artist atmosphere. Designing the same studio workspace within the quarry, social interaction happens along the circulation provoking instant communication within a vibrant setting. In promoting movement throughout the mechanical huts, the idea of hanging, pulling, and inserting is applied as to question the poche of its environment and embrace it to their interpretation rather than the environment making the artist. Here the students are the environment, for the architecture coexist to assists the users.

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