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Professor: Pro. Pacheco

Urban Design

Savannah, GA

Fall 2016


money shot
train through square


The need to redesign an accessible public transportation in Savannah, GA is the focus of this urban design studio. Using GIS data to map and extract information sensitive to vegetation, greenspace, and historic square are obstacles in which are to be considered and designed around. The Studio collectively assigned MLK Jr Blvd. as the main path for an infrastructure using a metro system divided into four zones. The first zone is from Broughton St. to E Gwinnett St. Restoring the original greenspace and squares are the primary changes promoting walkability and helping link building voids in the city that are at large left uninhabitable year-round. Through an abstract site model, the proposed metro is highlighted along with secondary and tertiary paths. A series of layered data analysis dictate the exaggerated contours where the chameleon paint job further emphasizes the ever-changing perspectives within the context as transportation evolves.     

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