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Dos Figueroas


Professor: Jean Jaminet

Posture of buildings 

Savannah, GA

ELDS 330 Visualization Electric Design I


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An exploration of resilience between the posture of figural forms as buildings.


This project is an intense investigation of abstracted forms to stage “events” within an interdisciplinary environment as figures reflecting lifestyle and association to place. The events are illustrations of people, places, and particular times throughout an undergraduate’s education, giving rise to figure formation by diagrammatic projection.


Smashing the ideals of human movement in performing arts, primary nodes are extracted to be rebuilt as objects with emphasis to a figures posture including leaning, slouching, and etc. Designed to reimagine the concept of geometric movement as Luca Cambiaso’s “disegno”, a series of dot line diagrams are extracted into inflated geometric personifications. Through the expression of an architectural show, both tragedy and comedy act in collaboration either working as a complete unit or parts to a whole.


To depict the figures as the habit in the inhabitation, line weight is embedded as the tattoo for modern representation of the architect and the architect's craft similar to Nicolas de Larmessin’s “Baroque Costume Prints”. The skin serves to assist figure-ground for further illusion of distance by individually articulate the overlapping tattoo that stimulates perception of depth. Once assemble, the combination of form and line weight creates a chaotic, yet coherent design revealing its resilient relationship in composition.


Team: Noe Figueroa, Khalid Nahas

PhotographyCarlo Stotmeister

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