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Art Therapy Studios


Professor: Daniel Brown

Artist residence studio,

Asheville, NC

Winter + Spring 2016


money jpg
inside studio
glass corridor
under pod

Sacred Space: anything worthy of divine respect by either reverence, awe, or respect. A familiar unexplainable experience inspired by a past event or condition for immediate meditation, faith, and a sense of overpower.


Concept Statement: PROCESS AS SACRED

Design is often victim to the rushing deliverables toward project completion and therefor, critical design process is overlooked to the finalized visualization of the project.  However, that stage in design is the driving element in this project for process becomes transparent in both the design and circulation throughout the building. Art Therapy Studios focuses on rethinking the healthcare facility as a studio space where the process of making art is a direct parallel to the patient’s recovery and together creates an environment worthy to be considered as sacred space. Taking advantage of Asheville’s local attractions, these studios would bring together renounced artist, assist recovering trauma patients, and local neighborhoods through dynamic studio pods.

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